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Grades of Competition

Mens' A1, A2 & Ladies' A
Players may be good enough to play for the Tennis Club if called upon
Player Registration & Participation are subjected to approval
Players are usually good enough to Participate in Squad Training. Ladies may be from High Intermediate Groups
Players currenly playing Competition for the Monash Uni Tennis Club or Seniors Pennant for other clubs can also participate in A Grade
Male Players will be entered into A2 before being allowed to play in A1, unless they have a proven seniors competition history

Mens' & Ladies' B
Also for those who have played 3 or more years of Competition in the past
For Male Players graded High Intermediate and Female Players graded Low to High Intermediate
Please note that you will be put into "C" if we feel you are not up to the "B" Standard

Mens' & Ladies' C
For those players who are starting out social competition, or who are not confident enough and haven't had enough practice to play the 'B's
For Players Graded High Beginners to Low Intermediate
Also for players who have played 0 to 2 years of Competition in the past

*This is only a recommendation. Actual playing standard may vary player to player

Merging of Grades
We will merge the Men's & Ladies if we do not get more than 8 players in each Grade
Mens' A1 & A2 will get merged
Ladies' A will be merged with Mens' A2 or Mens' B
Ladies' B will be mergerd with Mens' B
Ladies C will be merged with Mens' C

Promotion within Grades *NEW*
Players will need to have scored an average of 3.6 points or more per match at the end of the season and
must have played at least 70% of matches before being allowed to be promoted to a higher grade
An offer will be made to the winner of the ladder at the end of each season as well
All other promotions will be at the discretion of the competition director

If players are found to be having an average of less than 2.0 points per match at the end of the season,
an offer will be made to the player to play in the lower grade, so as to better suit the player's ability
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