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Q. When will the Group Lessons commence?

A. We do not have any fixed commencement date for the group lessons.
They will commence once we have received at least 3 enrolments for the group.
After you have enrolled, we will notify you once we have at least 3 enrolments prior to commencement.

Q. How many lessons will I need in order to learn to play tennis?

A. Learning to play tennis is a never ending journey.
Even as coaches, we are discovering new concepts about tennis every single day.
We do recommend you do at least an amount of time equivalent to 10 hours of private lessons or
20 hours of group lessons in order to achieve a basic level of playing tennis.

Q Which lesson is more suitable for me, Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

A. Private Lessons are for faster development, more technical analysis and a lot more hitting practice.
Group Lessons will is more for the social. fun factor and budget concious players.
We will encourage all players to enrol for a private or semi-private lesson together with a group lesson.
This will enable them to have fun playing against others while ensuring the coaches have sufficient time
outside of the group lesson to correct and reinforce the proper techniques.

Q Are Tennis Balls, Tennis Racquets & Court Hire Included in the fees?

A Basket of Tennis Balls is used during the Tennis Lessons so students do not need to provide their own. Court Hire is included in the fees.
We have a limited number of racquets that we can loan to students during the lesson at no extra charge. If you have your own racquet, please bring it along.
We recommend students to have their own racquets as each racquet is different in weight, size and feel.
You might feel/play differently if you use different racquets during the course of your learning.
Please contact us if you want to buy your own racquet as we do have racquets for sale.

Q. What should I wear and bring along to the tennis lessons?

A. Please wear cool and comfortable clothing which allow free movement of your body.
Please bring your tennis racquet (if you have 1), a towel, bottle of water and a change of clothes (if needed).
On very hot days, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended.

Q. When is a Washout or a Heatout called?

A. A Washout is called when (1) the court is too wet to have the lesson started, (2) when it is raining or
(3) we are 99% sure that the courts will be soaked rain during the first 30 minutes of the tennis lesson.
A Heatout is call when the temperature reaches above 37 degrees celcius prior to the commencement of a tennis lesson.
When a washout or heatout is called before the lesson has commenced,
an extra week of lessons will be added for Group Lessons & Prepaid Lessons.

Q. Can I pay my fees for the Group Tennis Lessons weekly?

A. Fees are payable by the term of 10 weeks. We have reserved your spot in the group for the term and have a maximum of 4 enrolled in the group.
It would therefore not be fair to others if you decide to only do and pay for a few lessons,
thus depriving others of the spot in the group for those lessons which they would have missed out on.

Q. Will fees for Private or Semi-Private Lessons be cheaper if I do 2 or more lessons a week?

A. Fees for Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons & Tennis Lessons with Friends will only be cheaper if you Prepay 10 Lessons in advance.

Q. I have sumitted my enrolment for a group lesson. How long do I need to wait for a response?

A. Rest assured that we have received your application if you have received the automated email from us after submitting your application.
Most emails will be replied within 48 hours if necessary. For more urgent enquiries, please send a text message to us @ 0421 385 925.

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