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As the tennis courts at Monash University Clayton are getting refurbished,
we will only resume coaching and doing lessons at Monash University Clayton
when the courts have completed their refurbishment in May 2020.
In the meantime, we have moved our Coaching Program to Westall Social Tennis Club.
For more information, please go to Adult Coaching @ Westall Social Tennis Club
Adult Group Lessons
Adults who are new to tennis and want to learn the basics in a group environment
Main objectives - Introduction to Basic Tennis Techniques, Strokes and Footwork

High Beginners
Adults who know the basics and want to practice them in a Group Environment
Main objectives - Learning how to maintain a short rally

Low Intermediate
Adults who can have a slow pace rally of 4 to 6 shots, can serve and return and want to improve them in a Group Environment
Main objectives - Improving consistency, basic matchplay & strategy

High Intermediate
Adults who can hit with some pace and want to enhance their rallies with depth, spin & consistency in a Group Environment
Main objectives - Improving pace and accuracy of rallies, matchplay and strategy

Squad Training
Adults who are actively playing Weekend Competition, or have taken a break from Pennant or similar standard competitive tennis and wish to get back into it
Main objectives - Improving Matchplay, patterns of play and strategies
*Send us an email if you are keen

Maximum of 4 Partcipants per group, Minimum of 3 Participants to commence
Term runs for 10 weeks from commencement
Participants are expected to attend all lessons
Group Lessons are not Private Lessons. We are not able to give individualised attention during group lessons.
All current Group Participants who need extra help/more individualised attention will be offered a 30 mins Private Lesson for $35 per session if needed

Fees for Group Lessons
$250 (Current Monash Students & Staff)
$270 (All Others)

High Beginners, Low & High Intermediate
$375 (Current Monash Students & Staff)
$400 (All Others)

30 mins Private Lessons
(Only for students currently enrolled in group lessons)
$37.50 per lesson

*We require a $30 deposit + $1 surcharge for all new students.
This is to ensure that students do show up for their lesson after placing a booking.
Deposits are paid through the online enrolment portal upon submission of your details

Please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for any queries that you may have

Please read through our POLICIES prior to enrolment

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