Social Comp 1 2019 Ladders & Results - Monash Tennis Academy

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Player Ladders for Social Competition 1 2019 (Feb to June 2019)

Men's A1 Ladder                    Men's A2 Ladder                    Open B Ladder

Men's C Ladder                    Ladies B/C Ladder

Promotion within Grades

Players will need to have scored an average of 3.6 points or more per match at the end of the season and
must have played at least 70% of matches before being allowed to be promoted to a higher grade
An offer will be made to the winner of the ladder at the end of each season as well
All other promotions will be at the discretion of the competition director

If players are found to be having an average of less than 2.0 points per match at the end of the season,
an offer will be made to the player to play in the lower grade, so as to better suit the player's ability
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