Policy for Social Comp - Monash Tennis Academy

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Social Competition

The Competition fee is to be paid to the match supervisor prior to playing, on a weekly basis
The Social Membership fee is to be paid at your 1st match during the year

We will require you to let us know during your first day of competition, your attendance for the entire competition
An advanced notification of 48 hours is required if you have changed your mind about attending
This is so that sufficient courts can be booked or unbooked if we get more or less than the expected attendance
We strongly discourage last minute notification of non-attendance, especially if you decide not to come and do not notify us

No play will commence if it is raining or the court is full of puddles prior to the commecement of play
The competition supervisor will attempt to let players know 30 minutes before commencement via a text message. Please ensure we have your correct contact details
If a washout is declared during the match, the uncompleted matches will be carried over to the following week(s)
Players will be limited to a maximum of 2 unfinished matches from previous weeks, excluding current matches scheduled

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