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All Coaching Classes
At Monash Tennis Academy, we take our coaching programs seriously and have a genuine interest in each player's improvement and performance. 
We have an expectation that you will attend all sessions and put in your utmost effort, and also to follow our advice that will assist your tennis development.

Making a Booking
Bookings & Enquiries can be made via email to monashtennis@hotmail.com or monashtennis@gmail.com

General Terms & Conditions
Monash Tennis Academy is under no obligation to make up missed lessons nor to credit them for future terms.
Monash Tennis Academy reserves the right to change class times, coaches, combine or cancel classes if necessary
Students of Monash Tennis Academy are liable to remember the time/date/day of the tennis lesson. No refunds or credits will be given if the student forgets these details.
Refunds are not given except in extraordinary circumstances.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons/Group Tennis Lessons with Friends
Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the lesson.
Discounted rates only apply to pre-paid lessons.

If you wish to cancel a lesson, we require at least a 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in the lesson being considered as having taken place.
If you have prepaid your lessons, 1 lesson will be deducted.
Only in exceptional circumstances or with the evidence of a medical certificate, we will not be charging for the lesson. Court Hire Fees may still apply.
Failure to Cancel: If you have booked a lesson, did not cancel and did not show up or showed up for only a part of the lesson, the full fee of the lesson will be payable.
Cancelled Lessons with a 24 hours notice will be made up at the mutually agreed time or having weeks added onto the Prepaid Lessons.
We will accept Family Members or Friends doing the lessons if the player has given us a notice of absence.

Semi-Private Lessons
Lessons may still carry on if 1 player does not attend without giving us a 24 hours notice.
Students who miss a lesson may do a private lesson by himself / herself in the future if the other partner can't come during a certain week
Alternatively, a make-up in a group lesson of suitable playing standard will be offered (subjected to availability).

Group Tennis Lessons with Friends
Lessons may still carry on if 1 player does not attend without giving us a 24 hours notice.
A make-up in a group lesson of suitable playing standard will be offered to the player who misses the lesson (subjected to availability).
If anyone withdraws from the group, the remaining lessons will be converted into a 3 persons group, Semi Private or Private Lesson as required.
Group Lessons & Squad Training
The full fee is expected by the 3rd week of the term.
A $20 administration fee will apply to any payments no paid by week 8 of the group lesson.

Make-Up Lessons
We have to be given a 24 hour notice of your absence and a make-up lesson will have to be requested.
If a student misses a lesson during the term due to sickness/injury, the student will be entitled to a make-up lesson as well.
A maximum of 2 make-up lessons will be permitted per term of lessons unless being informed otherwise.
It is the student's responsibility to request for make-up lessons otherwise none will be allocated.
No make-up lessons will be given if we are not informed of your absence prior to the group lesson.
All make-up lessons will have to be completed 2 weeks after the completion of your group lesson otherwise they will be forfeited.

No makeup Lessons will be offered if a student decides not to show up without giving us prior notice and without a doctor's letter in the situation of an illness/injury. 
We do put in our utmost effort to coach you. We do expect our students to appreciate and attend every lesson.

Credit & Other Policies
Credit for missed lessons (with a 24 hour notice of absence) will only be given when there are no suitable make-up lessons.
If a student cancels for a term or more, the student's place in the group cannot be reserved and will be forfeited to another student.
Social Competition
The Competition fee is to be paid to the match supervisor prior to playing, on a weekly basis
The Social Membership fee is to be paid at your 1st match during the year.

We will require you to let us know during your first day of competition, your attendance for the entire competition.
An advanced notification of 48 hours is required if you have changed your mind about attending. This is so that sufficient courts can be booked or unbooked if we get more or less than the expected attendance.
We strongly discourage last minute notification of non-attendance, especially if you decide not to come and do not notify us.

No play will commence if it is raining or the court is full of puddles prior to the commecement of play
The competition supervisor will attempt to let players know 30 minutes before commencement via a text message. Please ensure we have your correct contact details
If a washout is declared during the match, the uncompleted matches will be carried over to the following week(s). Players will be limited to a maximum of 2 unfinished matches from previous weeks, excluding current matches scheduled.

Weather Policy
We will try our best to inform you at least 30 minutes ahead of your lesson if it is a washout or a heatout
If you do not hear from us, please proceed to turn up for your lesson. It means the lesson is still going ahead!

Please ensure we have all your relevant contact details as a text message will be sent to you.

If less than half the normal allocated time is completed due to rain, then the remaing lesson / session will be made up, rounded up to the closest 30 minutes interval.
If more than half the normal allocated time is completed before being washed out, a full lesson / session will be counted.
In the event that it starts raining during the lesson / session, all attempts will be made to finish the lesson, but only if it is safe to do so.

A Heat-out will be called when the temperature reaches 36 degrees and above. Readings will be taken from the Bureau of Meterology Website.
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