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MONASH TENNIS ACADEMY was formed in 2008 to provide tennis coaching services at Monash University Clayton Campus and its surrounding community.

Majority of our students @ Monash University Clayton Tennis Courts are University Students, University Staff and Working Adults.
We run most of our Junior Programs @ Westall Tennis Club, including the Hot Shots Tennis Programs.

Our students come from a wide array of Multi-cultural backgrounds and we always ensure our students enjoy the journet of learning and improving their tennis with us

Our Coaching Philosophy

At Monash Tennis Academy, we believe :

  • Every individual is different and have individual traits and characteristics. Learning methods & pace may differ from person to person.

  • In using correct biomechanics to produce efficiency in all physical aspects of tennis.

  • Stroke repetitions using the correct techniques are necessary to correct and strengthen a technique change in a closed skill environment, thus ensuring it occurs naturally in an open skill environment.

  • In ensuring our students understand the WHY, WHEN & HOW in tennis

  • Physical, Technical & Mental Efficiency will lead to Overall Efficiency.

  • A Passion for Tennis will lead to a success in Playing Tennis!

At Monash Tennis Academy, we take our coaching programs seriously and have a genuine interest in each player's improvement and performance.

We have an expectation that you will attend all sessions and put in your utmost effort, and also to follow our advice that will assist in your tennis development.


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